Over 40 Years of Innovation and Transformation

在80年代早期, residents of Hunt County decided the best way to provide hospital services to their growing area was to form a public hospital district, much in the same way a fire district or a school district provides services.

Voters approved 亨特纪念医院区 in 1981. Voter money was instrumental in expanding the original Citizens General Hospital, 1971年开业.
今天, tax-payer money is used to provide much-needed community health services. Although there isn’t profit in providing health classes for seniors or in helping the communities underinsured connect with preventive and emergency care, 因为亨特县是社区的一部分, we have a responsibility to provide these services regardless of their profitability.

The District is governed by nine publicly elected board members, whose duty is to set policies and establish goals for 亨特地区医疗保健 facilities throughout the region.

今天, 亨特纪念医院区 is known to its patients, 员工, and community supporters as 亨特地区医疗保健 and has grown to offer a wide array of services using state-of-the-art technology at multiple locations throughout Northeast Texas, 包括商业设施, 艾莫利大学, 罗克沃尔, Royse城市, 而昆兰.

To truly understand what Hunt Regional is today, you must first understand what Hunt Regional once was. Let’s take a look back at the history of our innovative health system.

No matter how much Hunt Regional Medical Center has transformed over the years, it still holds true to its ultimate mission: to continually improve the health of the people in the communities it serves by providing quality, 具有成本效益的, 服务型护理.